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Why Choose to Suffer?



I can just hear it now… “What?!”

How can suffering be optional?

But Drayton, things happen to me that cause me to suffer!

Yes. Things happen to us that can be terribly challenging and painful.

That is a fact.

How we choose to deal with them is just that – a choice.

Think about it for a moment…

Isn’t it about how we choose to react to things?

Isn’t it about the story we tell ourselves about what happened?

Isn’t it something we control?

Here’s a thought…

The next time something happens that you perceive as bad…

Take a deep breath and hover above the situation.

Detach emotionally.

Don’t buy into the story.

See it objectively.

When you do…

Ask yourself:

1. What is my reaction to this really about?

2. What story am I telling myself about this?

3. What emotions am I choosing to have around this?

Asking these questions will help you raise your level of awareness.


Help you to choose not to suffer.

Sending you peace!


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