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Silent Screams



Death is tough to comprehend.

Death by suicide?

Super tough to process.

Death of a comedic genius by suicide?

A wakeup call.

The fastest growing demographic group of suicides is men who are 45-65 years old.

These are a group of silent screamers…

Too “manly” to be transparent and vulnerable.

Too tough to ask for help.

It’s in our DNA.

I’m in that group… and I certainly have those traits. 

And these silent screamers are not just limited to my demographic group.

1 in 5 people are dealing with mental illness and/or addiction issues.

Simply staggering.


Take a deep breath.

  • Who is the 1 in 5 in your family?
  • Who is the 1 in 5 in your friendship circle?
  • Who is the 1 in 5 in your neighborhood?

Sobering to think about this, isn’t it?

All of this news of Robin William’s suicide may be leaving you feeling sad and helpless to do anything about it.

You are not alone.

The silver lining is that…

You can help.

“What,” you may be saying. “I’m not a psychologist.”

You don’t have to be.

The only skill you need is…


  • Care enough to reach out to anyone you know who is dealing with their “darkness.”
  • Care enough to give a hug to someone who clearly needs one.
  • Care enough to get involved when someone won’t take action on their own.

You don’t have to be the cure.

You only have to care enough to help them seek a cure.

We are one big family on this planet.

When one person hurts, we all hurt.

We owe it to our brothers and sisters to care… and to take action.

We owe it to them to help their silent screams be heard.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


It could be as simple as passing this information along… and making sure they call.

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