It’s been pretty exciting around the Boylston Abode over the last week.

First, we spotted the BIG cat (aka a 120 lb. mountain lion) on our deck. Then we had a brown bear weighing about 250 lbs. in our backyard. Then, the BIG cat came back… twice. The second time was when I took our dog, Morgan, out at 6:15 am. It was under a tree 10 ft. from our front door. Morgan darted after it. It fled. We lived.

The experts at Colorado Fish and Wildlife told me, when I spoke with them afterwards, that the vast majority of the time the lions will simply “take out the dog.” Luckily, that didn’t happen.

The funny side of this (gallows humor) is that I got a good laugh when I ran on Sunday. I was miles away from any civilization, deep in the wooded mountains. I pulled out my mid run “gu” for nourishment. Yep, it was Honey Stinger. This is a special honey based nutrient made here in Colorado. I laughed out loud when I thought of the police report. “Man killed by bear for his honey stash.” They never mentioned that possibility in Winnie the Pooh, did they? Come on, you gotta laugh…

Lessons learned:

  • We are living in their world. Asking them to conform to ours is unfair.
  • Adrenaline can make you do amazing things.
  • Man’s best friend” has an expanded meaning for me.
  • You just never know what is waiting for you around each corner of your life.
  • Carpe diem! We know not when our journey is to end.

May your lions and tigers and bears reside only in a great song!



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Death is tough to comprehend.

Death by suicide?

Super tough to process.

Death of a comedic genius by suicide?

A wakeup call.

The fastest growing demographic group of suicides is men who are 45-65 years old.

These are a group of silent screamers…

Too “manly” to be transparent and vulnerable.

Too tough to ask for help.

It’s in our DNA.

I’m in that group… and I certainly have those traits. 

And these silent screamers are not just limited to my demographic group.

1 in 5 people are dealing with mental illness and/or addiction issues.

Simply staggering.


Take a deep breath.

  • Who is the 1 in 5 in your family?
  • Who is the 1 in 5 in your friendship circle?
  • Who is the 1 in 5 in your neighborhood?

Sobering to think about this, isn’t it?

All of this news of Robin William’s suicide may be leaving you feeling sad and helpless to do anything about it.

You are not alone.

The silver lining is that…

You can help.

“What,” you may be saying. “I’m not a psychologist.”

You don’t have to be.

The only skill you need is…


  • Care enough to reach out to anyone you know who is dealing with their “darkness.”
  • Care enough to give a hug to someone who clearly needs one.
  • Care enough to get involved when someone won’t take action on their own.

You don’t have to be the cure.

You only have to care enough to help them seek a cure.

We are one big family on this planet.

When one person hurts, we all hurt.

We owe it to our brothers and sisters to care… and to take action.

We owe it to them to help their silent screams be heard.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


It could be as simple as passing this information along… and making sure they call.

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I can just hear it now… “What?!”

How can suffering be optional?

But Drayton, things happen to me that cause me to suffer!

Yes. Things happen to us that can be terribly challenging and painful.

That is a fact.

How we choose to deal with them is just that – a choice.

Think about it for a moment…

Isn’t it about how we choose to react to things?

Isn’t it about the story we tell ourselves about what happened?

Isn’t it something we control?

Here’s a thought…

The next time something happens that you perceive as bad…

Take a deep breath and hover above the situation.

Detach emotionally.

Don’t buy into the story.

See it objectively.

When you do…

Ask yourself:

1. What is my reaction to this really about?

2. What story am I telling myself about this?

3. What emotions am I choosing to have around this?

Asking these questions will help you raise your level of awareness.


Help you to choose not to suffer.

Sending you peace!


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Taking ownership of your life.

Taking true responsibility for yourself.

It’s so very important.

It means saying goodbye to being a victim.

You consciously take full responsibility for everything you think, do, and say.

It’s a choice.

Make it.

And then act on it.


All those things you don’t own, like…

  • Other people’s behaviors.
  • Society’s expectations.
  • The economy.

Let them go.

Yes, simply let them go.

Once you stop trying to own things which you don’t have any control over…

  • You are free.
  • You are less stressed.
  • You are happier.

The bottom line?

Own only what you should own… your “stuff.”


Let other people own what they own… their “stuff.”

It is a gift you give yourself…


Everyone else in your life.

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Sounds odd, eh?

I thought so too.

Until I discovered mindfulness.

Mindfulness is simply the practice of being, truly being, in each moment.

Not the past.

Not the future.


And as I started to work on this, guess what happened?

My stress began to evaporate.


You see…

What I discovered was that my stress emanated from the thoughts I had that were…

  • Steeped in the past (regrets).
  • Worries about the future ( I realized that 99.9%  of the things I worried about never happened).


As I began to really embrace these facts…

I realized that I had complete control over them.

  • Not someone else.
  • Not something else.


This was the first time I chose to take ownership of my level of stress.


My stress level went waaaay down.


My level of happiness went waaaay up!

Pretty cool, eh?

Ready to give it a shot?


Start with trying to stay in the present moment for just 5 minutes today.

And 10 minutes tomorrow.

And so on…

It takes practice.

And it is well worth it.

What have you got to lose?

Rightyour stress!

Now… it’s time for me to go practice…


Want to learn more about how to slay your stress? Click here

The Stress Slayer_Logo_Blue_Small

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I’d be willing to bet that you’ve never seen a luggage rack on a hearse.

I’d also be willing to wager that you spend a tremendous amount of time chasing money and “things.”

Most of us do.

The questions is – “Why?”

Does money and “things” bring us happiness?

The short answer is “No.”

As long as your basic needs are met, all research points to the fact that it doesn’t.

Hmmm… what gives?

Have we been chasing the wrong things?

I know I did… for a looooong time.

And guess what?

It never made me happy.

Only disillusioned.

Once I achieved so called “success” I realized it wasn’t success at all.

Only stuff. And emptiness.

It didn’t change me for the better.

I just had more stuff. And more emptiness.

It took me a long time to realize…

That true abundance comes from within.

Happiness is found inside ourselves… not outside.


Happiness is a choice.

True. We can choose happiness.


We can choose to embrace what true abundance really is.

Yes. You are truly rich beyond measure. Right at this very moment.

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The past… done.

The future… may not happen.

The only other option…


Try this…

For one day, write down each time you think about the past and the future.


Write down each time you feel like you are truly in the present moment.

Guess what will happen if you keep this up?

You will begin to be more present.


Your worries will vanish.

Your stress level will diminish.

And, most importantly…

Your level of happiness will increase!

Sound like a winner?

Yep… just like you!


© 2014 and beyond, Drayton Boylston. All rights reserved.

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Do you give your power away?

Does someone else know what’s better for you?

Are others smarter than you?

Are others wiser than you?

What are you afraid of?

Sure, many folks love you and want what is “best” for you.

The reality is…the buck stops with you!

OWN it!

Once you take full ownership of your life…

And stop giving your power away to others…

Magic happens!

Your confidence grows.

Your life trajectory changes…for the better.

You rediscover happiness.

You have been given ALL that you need in order to succeed in life!

Embrace that fact.

Bless and thank all those who want to tell you how to live your life.


Do what you think is right.


I’ve got your back. Not that you really need it…



© 2014 and beyond Drayton Boylston. All rights reserved.

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That striking lady you just passed on the street…

She may have just lost her best friend.

That man you saw earlier in the new Mercedes…

He may have 6 months to live.

That person you saw on the news last night that you hate so much…

They may have been horribly abused as a child.



Dare I say…hating.

They don’t belong in our experience.

Not in yours.

Not in anyone’s…including that person who is looking at you in a judging fashion either.

You just don’t know what others are going through.


They don’t know what you are going through either.


It’s simply easier to send love to everyone you encounter.

Nuff said…



© 2014 and beyond Drayton Boylston. All rights reserved.

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All you have to do is ask the right way…

Oh…did I mention all the answers reside in the silence?


All you need to do is “go quiet.”

When you do…

Silently ask your question.

And then…

Patiently look and listen for the answer as you go about your business.


The answer usually comes from sources, and in ways, you least expect.

All you have to do is pay attention.

Time for me to go quiet

I’ve got some more questions.



© 2014 and beyond Drayton Boylston. All rights reserved.

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You got a shot of serotonin when you read the title of this, didn’t you?!

Go onadmit it…it felt good!

Positive speech/feedback works. There has been a ton of research on this subject over the last few years.

The experts have this down to a science – literally.

What they have found is that if you have a ratio of (at least) 5 positive things to say for every one “critique”…

It builds other peoples’ self esteem.

It strengthens relationships tremendously.

It creates a lasting positive impact on the people you encounter…

And YOU!

Yep, you will benefit as well.

So many folks have gotten caught up in the media “stuff” and all the negativity that is put forth that…

They absorb it…



They spread it.

I bet you know some folks like that, huh?…

Be the shining light for others to emulate!

Increase your awareness around how many positive things you say vs. the negative ones.

I just KNOW you will…




© 2013 and beyond Drayton Boylston. All rights reserved.

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This is my running buddy Morgan. This was taken after we ran 5 miles on the mountain trails of Colorado…in –15 wind chill weather! Yep, we flunked that IQ test…

Morgan has run over 3,500 miles with me on some of the gnarliest singletrack trails in North America.

We rescued Morgan from an animal shelter. I think because of that she demonstrates her gratitude in every way she knows how to. She has been an amazing source of inspiration and wonderment over the years. I’ve learned so much from her. I am so very grateful she has been in my life over the last 8 years.

This past summer I was really bummed when she started to slow down. As soon as the heat set in she couldn’t even run a mile without falling behind. While I didn’t want to leave her at home when I ran, I knew I had to. I knew she would have literally run herself to death. Seeing the look in her eyes as she watched me lace up my running shoes, knowing that she couldn’t go, just crushed me.

As the air started to cool this fall I thought I’d give it another shot. Sure enough, she responded beautifully! We have had many great runs in almost any kind of weather you can image since then – including the 5 mile run in –15 degree weather. She is simply amazing!

During a run with her this past week it struck me that I have learned so many lessons from her. I wanted to share these with you.

  • Loyalty means putting the other one first. I think that dogs get the Golden Rule better than humans! Maybe it’s their “Golden Retriever Rule.”
  • Enthusiasm always wins! When I tell Morgan that we are going for a run she literally jumps up and down (really high) until I put her on the leash. She is so very excited…like we should be more often!
  • Cover each other’s back. I let Morgan off her leash when we hit the trail head. She ALWAYS goes ahead of me and checks out the trail to make sure it’s safe. She ALWAYS has my back…and I certainly have hers.
  • Blaze the trail for one another. Sometimes we have to take turns breaking trail if the snow is deep. She carries the load and then I do. It’ soooo much easier with two!
  • A good leader only cares about his/her followers. Morgan is a great leader. She ONLY cares about my well being when we are out in the wilderness. She is the ultimate selfless leader. Think we can elect a dog to Congress?
  • Scratch my ears and all is right with the world. We could all spend more time scratching our loved one’s ears. Well, that would be weird. How about we just give out more hugs?
  • Roll in the snow! This is kinda like stopping to smell the roses…just colder and more fun! Morgan LOVES to roll in the snow to cool off as we run. She will burrow through the snow and then roll on her back and do the equivalent of the “Doggie Worm Dance” (remember Animal House?). The look on her face is pure joy. I swear she’s thinking – “Wow! It is so great to be alive!”

I know that Morgan won’t be able to run with me this summer…and maybe longer in the coming years. Rest assured, every mile we traveled together will stay etched in my mind forever…as will my love for her. She has taught me so much…


It’s time to find some snow to roll around in!


© 2013 and beyond Drayton Boylston. All rights reserved.

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It seems like zombies are all the rage now.

The Walking Dead is the #1 show on television and there are movies galore about them.

This got me thinking…

While we may not be staggering around looking for humans to devour, many of us are like them in some ways.

Think about it for a moment…

Do you?…

Lack purpose?

Feel like you’re simply “existing?”

Go through your days without passion and joy?

Yep, kinda like a zombie, eh?

Is it time to change things up?


And it starts with you.

O.K…find a mirror. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Now – look in the mirror and say…




How does that feel?

More human?

More alive?

More full of joy?

I just knew it…

You’re no zombie!

You were just practicing for next Halloween, right?

You are such a kidder…

Now, where is my mirror?…



© 2013 and beyond Drayton Boylston. All rights reserved.

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Confession here…

I used to be addicted to “busyness.”

There – I said it.

It’s true. I thought the busier your were the better.

I thought…

Busy = Productivity.

Busy = Importance.

Busy = Success!

And then…

I got hit by a lightning bolt…well, not a real one.

And I realized that…

Busy was NOT better!

Busy = Ego.

Busy = Fear.

Busy = Avoidance.

Avoidance of…

The Silence.

The Peace.

The Truth.

Don’t get me wrong here…

Inspired action is where we should live each day.


If we are only busy and not taking inspired action, then…

We are missing the boat.

Being quiet can be scary at first…

Only because our egos don’t like it.

It usurps the ego’s influence.

The precise reason to go there!

Here’s my request…

Turn off your phone and computer…

Close your eyes…

And simply be quiet for 10 minutes.

That’s it.


it gets better each time.


You bring a piece of the quiet back with you each time.


Your busyness will soon turn into inspired action.

You see…

Busy is not better!

Shhh…it’s my quiet time.


© 2013 and beyond Drayton Boylston. All rights reserved.

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Eagerly Going On (E.G.O.)

I just love acronyms, don’t you?!

You may have seen another one for E.G.O. – Edging God Out. So powerful.

The reason Eagerly Going On resonates with me is that we are meant to move on.

Especially when…

Our ego wants us to stay right where we are.

You can certainly give in to your ego and keep the status quo. It soooo much easier…


There is no growth there.

There is no adventure there.

There is no purpose there.


You have a choice…

Stay where you are (are you happy “there?”)…

Or Eagerly Go On.

Spiritual Adventurers (S.A.s) want to…



Fulfill their purpose.

They want to Eagerly Go On.

And you?

I knew it!

See you at the next S.A. meeting.

Hey, maybe we should meet at your place this time…


© 2013 and beyond Drayton Boylston. All rights reserved.

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Are you really clear about what you want?

Have you made a list?

Have you set goals?

Have you visualized your desires as being achieved already?

Thought so…

The odds were with me on this one.

You see…

Only 3% of people set goals.


And, it gets better…

Only 1% review their goals daily.


And the percentage of people who actually visualize achieving their goals?

Smaller than my mind can grasp (that means I couldn’t find research to back up any number).    ;-)


What!,” you say?

It’s true…

Think about it for a moment…

If you actually crystallize your goals,

Then write them down,

Then visualize achieving them each day…

Guess what?

You will be at the top of the class!

You will do what most others don’t!

And, most importantly…

You will achieve all that you want!

And it starts with…

Thinking the thoughts.

Writing the thoughts down.

“Seeing” the thoughts coming true.

You can carve out 5 minutes each day in order to achieve your dreams, right?

Thought so.

I just knew that you wanted to be a 1%-er!

I can “see” your desires coming true already…


© 2013 and beyond Drayton Boylston. All rights reserved.

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Didn’t think you thought that much, huh? (phew, that’s a tongue twister)

Here’s what’s shocking (and this is based on serious medical brain research)…

Out of those 60,000 thoughts, guess how many were the same ones you had yesterday?


Out of those 60,000 thoughts, guess how many were negative?


Guess who you spend the most time with?

Right – yourself.

Guess who needs to treat you better?



The next time you catch yourself spewing a negative thought.


Think again

This time, turn that negative thought into a positive one.

Guess what will start to happen?

Those 42,600 negative thoughts will start to disappear.

And guess what will take their place?

Right42,600 positive thoughts.

Do you think that might have a positive impact on your life?

I knew you’d come around…

If you thought about it twice.




© 2013 and beyond Drayton Boylston. All rights reserved.

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We get so wrapped up in how we and others look. The external “package.”

We focus on…

How much we weigh.

What we wear.

How “attractive” we are.

They are all simply the wrapping covering the real present.

What counts is…

What is inside.

Your thoughts…

Your feelings…

Your Soul.

So…the next time you look at someone…

“See” them as they truly are.

Base your opinion on how they show up as a human “being”…

Be aware that the real present is IN the package you observe.

For me…

This kinda takes the pressure off of worrying about wearing my bunny slippers to the store.



You may want to open the real present this Christmas…


© 2013 and beyond Drayton Boylston. All rights reserved.

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Each of your thoughts create your reality.

Take a moment and hover above your current situation.

Look at all that is good…

And not so good.

Guess where it all came from?

Yep, right between your ears.


Slow down right now, and…

Write down what you are thinking about….and be honest.

Now, see the negative things?

Send blessings to them and silently tell them that you no longer require their services.

They are fired!

Do this each day for a week.

Here’s what I can guarantee you…

Your world will change for the better.

My world will change for the better.

Our entire world will change for the better.

No pressure…

But you may want to get started right away.

Oh, and you have such lovely ears…

You should only have good things between them.


© 2013 and beyond Drayton Boylston. All rights reserved.

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Take one minute and think about this…

So…if all solutions reside inside of me, then…

Am I in charge of my own peace?

Am I in charge of my own relationships?

Am I in charge of my own happiness?


It’s called ownership.


What solution will you choose to work on today?

The days of waiting for a solution outside of yourself are over…



© 2013 and beyond Drayton Boylston. All rights reserved.

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