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The Life Meaning Project


What is The Life Meaning Project™ and why are YOU so important to its success?

This is where the fun begins!

The mission of the Life Meaning Project™ is to promote conversations around why we are on this planet; the meaning of your life.

Imagine millions of people sharing the details of their journey of discovering their life's meaning. That's what we are here to do!

Discovering the meaning of your life is the single biggest thing we are here to do--whether we realize it or not.

You might be saying- "Drayton, people will think I'm a whack job if I do this."  That's certainly where I was on my path not that long ago. I was a guy who was deeply embedded in the corporate world as a former CEO and Fortune 100 executive. I was consulting with some of the largest corporations in the world. I was about as far away from seeking spiritual enlightenment as anyone could be. Then I awakened...

I thought I was a whack job at first. I could just imagine what others must have been thinking. At times I questioned my own sanity...and the sanity of this world. As I began to "allow," things started to make more and more sense...and my old world made none. Goodness, you may feel that way right now and I honor that.

The net of it is that no matter where you are on your journey, your words matter. If you are just starting to ask the "what"  and "why" questions, that's great! Share where you are. If you are further down the spiritual path, please share the wisdom you've gained through your exploration.

Please join us as we all learn from beautiful souls from around the world. Your story could well hold the key to a life altering shift for a person you have never meet. Imagine...

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With love and gratitude,