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A Whisper From Your Soul


We have been blessed to be in the top 1.5% of all retweeted messages. We took this as an indication that our messages are resonating with many like souls. With this as our inspiration, we wanted to offer these thoughts to as many people as we could. Thus, A Whisper From Your Soul was born. Order from Amazon.

More Whispers From Your Soul

 An instant bestseller that has  aptivated souls around the world.  From the bishop who reads it to start  his day to the pastor that  uses the  Whispers in his prison program, these  inspirational  words will lift your heart  and soul... and inspire Whispers of  your  own! Order from Amazon.







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A Contemporary Classic of
Corporate Rescue and Redemption

A lifeline for executives looking for the key to save themselves from the lives they've created. This page-turning parable compares Dickens' classic lead character to Ben Scrooge, a cold-hearted corporate executive culled straight from today's headlines. $24.95

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The Sage and Scholar's Guide
Why the executive market needs more coaches and
how to confidently enter this lucrative field. The secrets top earners in the coaching field have discovered are revealed in this dynamic multimedia program. $99

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Coach Training
Revive executive clients and throw a life preserver around the things they hold most dear... their families, their health, and their peace of mind. Discover how to rescue executives from the lives they've created and rejuvenate your coaching practice to a new level of affluence and professionalism. $497

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True Life Stories of Executives and Their Rescues
Listen to the true life stories of six high-powered executives. Hear—in their own words—what it was like at the moment they recognized they needed to be rescued and what they did next. 

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R.I.V.A.- Values Assessment. Find out what your unwavering Core Values really are!

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